"HRI is pleased to support a number of excellent projects working to improve horticultural knowledge and practices. Supporting projects where outcomes can impact the bottom line for the industry is a top priority for our donors, our volunteer leadership, and our organization," states Jennifer Gray, HRI Administrator.

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Alternative Water

The Quest for a Suitable Source of Alternative Irrigation Water for the Green Industry: Water is the most valuable resource we have. Everyone is familiar with the current crisis in California, where the severe drought continues. 2016 marks California’s fifth consecutive year of drought, which is not expected to end anytime soon. The problem, however, is bigger than just the State of California. With a warming climate, 80% of state water managers expect water shortages in some portion of their state over the next decade.

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Boxwood Blight

Researchers Looking Outside of the Box for Solutions to Boxwood Blight: Boxwood blight (BB) continues to spread throughout the US. The University of Illinois Plant Clinic recently announced its presence in Illinois. The clinic received two boxwood samples late 2016. Both were from northeast Illinois and were collected from recent landscape installations. USDA APHIS confirmed that both tested positive for BB. Univeristy of Illinois Extension personnel are confident that the infected plants did not likely originate from an Illinois nursery.

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