Meet HRI Scholars

Horticultural Research Institute is proud to offer donors the opportunity to make a big impact in a student's life. Here are some of students who have benefited from the generosity of our donors.

The students recognized by the Horticultural Research Institute are high achievers from diverse backgrounds and hail from all parts of the United States. They represent the interests in all areas of horticulture, from future researchers to future business owners.

HRI Scholar Alumni

Joshua Henry, North Carolina State University, 2015

Timothy Jang, University of Illinois, 2015

Christian Young, Columbus State Community College, 2015

Kevin Trostel, Middle Tennessee State University, 2015

Nicholas Robinson, University of Connecticut

Jasmine E Martinez, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, 2015

Stephanie Smolenski, University of California – Davis, 2015

Rachel Lyn Maiorino, California Polytechnic State University, 2014

Madeline W. Olberg, Purdue University, 2014

Jasmine Elaine Martinez, California State Polytechnic University, 2014

James F. Rockwell II, Virginia Tech, 2014

Sarah Maria Morales, University of Delaware Newark, 2014

Heather Slattery, University of Connecticut, 2014

Nathan Nordstedt, Kansas State University, 2014

Doug Phillips, North Carolina State University, 2014

Nathan Maren, North Dakota State University, 2014

Laura Marie Hayes, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2014

David Roberts, North Carolina State University, 2013

Keith Lukowski, North Carolina State University, 2013

Kimberly Shearer, North Carolina State University, 2013

Chelsea Gusler, Virginia Tech, 2013

Donald Keith, University of Vermont, 2013

Stephanie Marino, University of Maryland, 2013

Josh Henry, Ohio State University, 2013

Olivia Meyer, Kansas State University, 2013

Brett Johnson, Oklahoma State University, 2013

Alejandro Estrada, University of California – Davis, 2013

Rachel Maiorino, California Polytechnic State University, 2013

Leah Comerci, West Virginia University, 2012

Stephanie Marino, University of Maryland, 2012

Renee LeGue, Conway School of Landscape Design, 2012

Justin Menke, University of Kentucky, 2012

Allison Jones, Michigan State University, 2012

Chelsea Gusler, Virginia Tech, 2011

Joseph Rothleutner, Oregon State University, 2011

Michele Langone, University of Vermont, 2011

Samuel Bookhadt, Humboldt State University, 2011

Jason Lattier, North Carolina State University, 2011

Lucy Wang, University of Maryland, 2010

Julia Kriz, George Washington University, 2010

Amanda Lilly, City College of New York, 2010

Daniel Buelow, Colorado State University, 2010

Emily Silverman, North Carolina State University, 2010

Tristan Cleveland, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

Benjamin Madeiras, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2009

Sam Bookhardt, Humboldt State University, 2009

Emily Duyst, California Polytechnic State University, 2009

Gerrit Shuffstall, Morgan State University, 2008

Kayla Harrison, University of Rhode Island, 2008

Ryan Contreras, North Carolina State University, 2008

Kaythryn Sanford, 2008

Amanda Rosa, California Polytechnic State University, 2008

Kelly Jarvis, University of Rhode Island, 2007

Thomas N. Saunders, Virginia Tech, 2007

Warner Orozco-Obando, Auburn University – Davis, 2007

Colin S. McKim, California Polytechnic State University, 2007