​Enduring Commitment

November 2016
Karl Losely, Horticultural Research Institute President

As I sit at my desk in early November thinking about my work with the Horticultural Research Institute, it is raining. Not something especially significant normally, except this rain will turn out to be the first all-day rain event in northeast Ohio since early May!

Rain. Water. How to best apply it. How to use less of it. How to recycle it. How to clean it.

Water is just one of the many areas of research your contribution to HRI helps to fund. Your dollars, combined with dollars from other donors, leveraged with dollars from the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (ARS-USDA), the Floricultural/Nursery Research Initiative (FNRI), and many other sources, fund projects investigating water use and water quality—among many other areas of important research. Areas like pollinator health, boxwood blight, rose rosette disease, impatiens downy mildew, marketing to millennials, alternative container substrates — the list goes on!

To continue our work, we need your help. Your willingness to invest and contribute is what drives horticultural research success. Our good work depends on you, and your donation can make a tremendous difference.

How do you give? Just write a check. You can give to the annual fund, which allows us to direct your donation to where it is most needed, or you may direct your contribution to any one of the many named funds supporting research or scholarships. You can give to the Legacy Club in honor of someone important or to the Memorial Fund in memory of a colleague or loved one.

A new fund was established in July at Cultivate’16, honoring AmericanHort’s Craig Regelbrugge to recognize his 25 years of service to our industry representing our interests in Washington, DC. Many of you have asked how you can contribute to this fund. Simply denote your donation in his name, and we’ll gladly add it to the Craig Regelbrugge—Advocates for Horticulture Fund.

Regardless of which fund you choose, it’s important to remember that HRI was created by people just like you. Work only continues with your continued support. Please send in your tax-deductible donation today.

We’re counting on your support. Thank you!

​Protect and Advance Horticulture, Invest Now

Every day, the horticultural industry faces increased pressures from competition, pests and diseases, and labor and water shortages. To combat these issues, industry professionals banded together to take their fate into their own hands. By directly guiding and advocating for research, the industry is able to fund the most relevant research as identified by the industry itself.

And by pooling our collective financial resources, our money goes further, gets to work faster, and works harder for us. It’s an investment in our own business future.
HRI funds horticultural research that meets industry-approved standards for value, impact, and accountability. From the moment an investment is made by a donor, HRI handles the entire competitive grants process.

  • Industry leaders evaluate the significance and economic usefulness of projects.
  • HRI’s scientist review panels assess feasibility and methodology.
  • HRI’s leadership, financial advisors and investment committee manage the fiduciary responsibilities of the endowment.
Thanks to generous philanthropy and strategic investments, HRI’s endowment now totals more than $11 million and boasts over 170 named funds from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Why Give? We'll let them tell you:


Growing Strong

Since 2014, industry funds have provided more than $1,000,000 in funding directly to researchers who are discovering
  • Industry marketing answers
  • Pest and disease solutions
  • Time and resource saving technology
  • Mechanization advances
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About HRI

Horticultural Research Institute, the proud research affiliate of AmericanHort, is the horticulture community's research and development organization. We are honored to serve the horticultural community and work hard to ensure highest standards of financial and mission stewardship and ascribe to the tenets of the donor bill of rights

HRI's work strengthens and improves the horticulture community for the benefit of all industry segments—nursery growers and greenhouse growers, retail garden centers, arborists, and landscape companies. The extraordinary generosity of donors, both past and present, makes it possible for HRI to develop and support research efforts aimed at invigorating and enhancing your community. These efforts result in advancements in pest management practices, gains in mechanization/automation, and improvements in production efficiency—all of which impact your horticulture community, your business, and your legacy. 

It is only with your support that HRI's research and advocacy efforts are made possible. Your willingness to invest and contribute is what drives HRI's success.