Impact Generations

The extraordinary generosity of donors, both past and present, make it possible for HRI to develop and support research efforts aimed at invigorating and enhancing your community—for generations to come. These efforts result in advancements in pest management practices, increased mechanization/automation, and improvements in production efficiency—all of which impact your horticulture community, your business, and your legacy.

Eight endowment circles recognize endowment donors:

  • Emerald Circle, $500,000 and above
  • Diamond Circle, $250,000 to $499,999
  • Founder’s Circle (established before 1990), $100,000 to $249,999
  • Platinum Circle, $100,000 to $249,999
  • Gold Circle, $50,000 to $99,999
  • Silver Circle, $25,000 to $49,999
  • Bronze Circle, $20,000 to $24,999
  • Heritage Circle, Individual Bequests

Individual, Family, and Business Named Funds

Many HRI donors wish to honor friends, loved ones, and industry associations by establishing a named endowment fund. The collective investment returns on endowed funds are awarded annually in the form of research grants or scholarships. Each fund awards a grant or multiple grants.



Sylvan Nursery-Sylvia and Neil Van Sloun Fund

Spring Meadow—Proven Winners Fund [link to Spring Meadow Scholarship page]

Bailey Nurseries, Inc. Fund

Gordon Bailey Jr. “Tour de Hort”

Orum-Midwest Research Fund

Albert and Olga Bachman Fund

The Robert W. Baker Companies Fund

Imperial Nurseries for Ernest Bietenholz Fund

Timothy S. & Palmer W. Bigelow, Jr. Scholarship Fund [link to Bigelow scholarship page]

Fairview Evergreen Nurseries/F.C. Hetz Fund

Dwight Hughes Family Fund

Karl Junginger Fund

Ramona and Bob Lederer Memorial Fund

Edmund V. Mezitt Fund

Myra K. and Thomas S. Pinney, Jr. Fund

  1. Frank Schmidt Family Trust Fund

Emanuel Shemin Fund

Ernest Tosovsky Fund

Martin W. Usrey Fund

Carville M. Akehurst Memorial Scholarship Fund [link to akehurst scholarship page]

Dayton Bag & Burlap Employees Fund

Theodore & Emily Guarriello/Nursery Supplies, Inc. Fund

Prides Corner Farms Fund

Sherman Nursery Company Fund

Lewis Bookwalter/Berryhill Nursery Co. Fund

Bruce and Doris Briggs Fund

Campbell & Ferrara Fund

Alice Crocker Horticultural Research Fund

Susan and Bob Dolibois Key Award Fund

John W. Flemer Memorial Fund

William Flemer, III Fund

Flower Carpet Research Endowment Fund

Home Nursery, Inc.—Chuck & Jean Tosovsky Family Fund

Harold and Rebecca Nickel Fund

Ed and Betty Rosenthal Florikan Endowment Fund

Siebenthaler Family Fund

Hugh A. Steavenson/Forrest Keeling Nursery Fund

Melvin, Dona, Richard and Debra Surface Fund

Syngenta Professional Products Fund

Tennessee Valley Nursery for Hoskins, Minnie Lee & Bonnie Shadow Fund

The Usrey Family Scholarship Fund [link to usrey family scholarship page]

Richard P. and Marian T. White Fund

John B. and Elizabeth Wight Fund

John E. Wilde Propagation Fund

Willoway Nurseries Endowment Fund

Bill and Gusta Adams Fund

American Plantsman/Environmental Improvement Fund

Ed Brown Fund

Bruce Family Fund

Ray Brush Fund

Carolina Nurseries, Inc. Research Endowment Fund

Bryan A. Champion Memorial Scholarship Fund [link to champion scholarship page]

Elma E. and John R. Collier Memorial Trust Fund

The Conard-Pyle Co. Fund

Otto Damgaard Research Endowment Fund

Dundee Nursery & Landscaping Company Fund

William Flemer, Jr. Fund

Florists’ Mutual Insurance Fund

Flowerwood Nursery-Plant Development Services, Inc. Fund

GreenForest Nursery-Gulf States Fund

Harold Harned Memorial Fund

Jack Harrell Sr. Fund

The Hicks Family Fund

Betsy Boggs Hillenmeyer Fund

Louis and Martha Hillenmeyer Fund

Robert and Eileen Hillenmeyer Fund

Hines Nurseries, Inc. Fund

Frank G. Kearney Fund

Frank S. and Hilda P. LaBar Fund

Landscape Plant Development Center Fund

The Lerio Corporation Fund

Dick and Lou Marshall Fund

McKay Nursery Fund

Muggets Scholarship Fund [link to muggets scholarship page]

Merten E. Natorp Fund

Hans Nelson Family Trust Fund

NSI/ Lerio Customer Marketing Fund

The Lydia & Palle H. Orum Research Fund

Otten Bros. Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. Fund

Richard E. Posey—Buckeye Resources, Inc. Fund

John and Gladys Powell Fund

The Scotts Company Fund

Shady Grove Plantation and Nursery Inc./Johnny and Ninkie Brailsford Memorial Fund

Sheridan Nurseries Research Fund

Avery H. Steinmetz Fund

Sunleaf Nursery, LLP—Robert & Carol Lyons Fund

Alma and Robert Taylor Fund

Bob Terry/Fisher Farms Fund

Valent Nurture Fund

O.L. and Verona Weeks Fund

Wight Nurseries Centennial Fund

Clayton A. Bunting Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Costich for Edwin H. Costich Fund

Harold Crawford Fund

Richard E. Cross Memorial Fund

Arie F. den Boer Memorial Fund

Erickson Family Research Endowment Fund

Gold Star Wholesale Nursery, Inc. Fund

William and Kathryn Heard Fund

Allen M. Helmich Fund

The John Henry Co. Fund

The Hess Family Fund

Oliver A. and Fred R. Hobbs Fund

Hoffman & McNamara Endowment Fund

Hoogendoorn Nurseries, Inc. Fund

Horticultural Printers Fund

Keiding, Inc. Fund

The Kraft Family Fund

Esther M. Lawyer Memorial Research Endowment Fund

Lincoln Nurseries for Aart and Margaretha deWit Fund

Al and Gladys Lindstrom, Owners of Wandell’s Nursery, Inc. & Minnesota Valley Companies Fund

Maschmeyer Family Fund

Minnesota Bork Family Fund

Raymond and Jane Oglesby Fund

John J. Pinney Fund

Joyce O. and Thomas S. Pinney, Sr. Fund

William N. and Jane N. Scarff Fund

Richard Schlick Fund

Siebenthaler Patent Fund

Teufel Nursery Fund

Robert W. Turnbull Memorial Fund

Susie & Bruce Usrey Education Fund [link to s & b usrey scholarship page]

Van Hof Nurseries Fund

Wellington Kennedy Memorial Research Fund

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation Fund

Wiegand’s Nursery Endowment Fund

Gary E. Briggs

Raymond and Elizabeth Brush

John H. den Boer

Robert Eastman

Dwight Hughes

Joanne Kostecky

Gary Mangum

Peter Orum

Ashby Pamplin

Myra K. and Thomas S. Pinney, Jr.

Ernie Tosovsky

National, Regional & State Association Named Funds

Many green industry associations and organizations find that HRI affords greater research opportunities by maximizing a larger endowment like HRI’s to fund industry research. By creating a fund within the HRI endowment, an organization does not have the administrative, operational, and overhead expenses typical of managing an investment portfolio. The earnings from a named fund support the named fund’s grant award each year.

Ohio Research Endowment Fund

Oregon Nursery Industry Endowment Fund

Eastern Region IPPS Fund

  • Recognizing: L.C. Chadwick, James Cross, William Flemer, III, Alfred J. Fordham, David F. Hamilton, Peter Orum, Ralph Shugert, Jr., William Synder, and James S. Wells

Illinois Nurserymen’s Association Fund

Michigan HRI Endowment Fund

Southern Nursery Association SNA/HRI Golf Classic Fund

Tennessee Nurserymen’s Association Fund


Associated Landscape Contractors of America Fund

HRI Golf Classic Fund

New England Nursery Association Fund

California Association of Nurserymen Endowment for Research & Scholarship Fund

Florida Nurserymen & Growers Association Fund

Garden Centers of America Consumer & Retail Research Endowment Fund

Garden Council Marketing Fund

Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

NCTA Bob Stohr Memorial Christmas Tree Research Fund

New York State Research Endowment Fund

North Carolina Association of Nurserymen Fund

Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association Fund

Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

Southern Region IPPS Fund

Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

West Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

ANLA Past President’s Fund

Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association Research Corp. Fund

Mechanization Fund

Memorial Fund

New England Nursery Association’s Industry Growth Initiative

South Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association

Very Important Partner Fund

Western Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

Wholesale Nursery Growers of America Fund

ANLA Centennial Fund

ANLA Industry Honor Roll

Georgia Green Industry Association Fund

Hudson T. Hartmann/Western Region IPPS Fund

Illinois Landscape Contractors Association Fund

Indiana Nursery & Landscape Association Fund

National Association of Plant Patent Owners Fund

National Landscape Association Fund

Nursery Growers of Lake County Ohio, Inc. Fund

Wisconsin Nursery Association Inc. Fund


Legacy Club

HRI has established a fund that allows industry members to recognize legacies. Honor children, grandchildren or that special someone through a donation of $1,000/legacy to the Legacy Club Fund.

Dale and Ruth Bachman for Amy Bachman, Joel Bachman, Anna Itman and Tatum Itman

Gordon and Jo Bailey for Dan Bailey, John Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Mark Bailey, Michael Bailey, Patrick Bailey and Theresa McEnaney

Dan and Kathy Batson for Brad Batson

Jim and Martha Berry for Garner Kingston Berry

Janet and John Brailsford, Jr. for Elizabeth Allen Brailsford, Sarah Francis Lillian Coggins and Moultrie Thomas Brailsford Coggins

Harvey Cotten, for AmericanHort

Randy and Mary Davis for Caleb Zane Davis, Colby Wayne Davis, Randee Elizabeth O’Donnell, Taylor Anne O’Donnell and Lily Raye Garcia

Randy Davis and Greenleaf Nursery Co in memory of Gil Nickel

Tom and Barb Demaline for Karen and Eric Demaline

Bob Dolibois for Susie Dolibois in honor of the Hawaiian sunset

Bob and Susie Dolibois for Lucas, Jonah, and Sophia Dolibois

John and Winnie Dolibois and Betsy Lallathin for Lucas John Dolibois

Arthur (Bud) Eskola for Ava Boyles

Michael V. Geary in honor of AmericanHort

Jennifer Gray in honor of Rev. Jerry L. Gray

James and Joanne Harden in memory of Barney Grimm

Marilyn Hicks for Owen Bosley Folk

Debra and Dwight Hughes, Jr. for Hannah Joy Hughes and Sarah Faith Hughes

Carol Lyons in honor of Bob Lyons

Scott McAdam; Bailey Nurseries Foundation; Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery & Garden Center, RIchard Harms; Peter & Irma Orum; and Charlie Parkerson in memory of Charles Tosovsky Scott McAdam for Amanda, Veronika, and W. Scott McAdam Jr.

Wayne Mezitt in honor of Cullen Mezitt, and Braden and Graham Lindeman

Peter and Irma Orum for Christian R. Keller and Lydia Chen-Ching Orum-Keller

Dan and Linda Nelson for Jack D. Nelson

Thomas S. and Myra Pinney, Jr. for Nikki Stark

Don and Christine Richards for Alexandra and Jack Richards

Wayne Sawyer for Matt Sawyer

Greg and Ellen Schaan for Calista Schaan, Cassandra and Chris Varricchione, and Ezra Schaan Varricchione

Evelyn and J. Frank Schmidt Jr. for Mitzie

Evelyn Schmidt for Laelie Rasmussen, Tirien Rasmussen, Bryn Webster and Avery Lael

Frank and Barbara Schmidt for Laelie Anna Rasmussen and Tirien Mercy Rasmussen

Joseph and Virginia Schulte for Audrey Baird and Catherine Baird

Dr. Bob Schutzki and Amy Frankmann for Marcia DeWit

Dale Siems for Addison N. Ivie, Braidyn T. Siems, Brandon Lee Ivie, Breanne E. Ivie, Amber R.O. Siems, Austin J. Siems, Danielle A. Siems, Mackenzie M. Siems, Matthew J. Siems and Zoey A. Siems

Bob and Jeanne Terry for Cameron Evans, Kyra Evans, Karlie Evans, Haley Terry, Jenna Terry, Katlin Terry, Robert Terry, IV and Rory Richardson

Bob Terry for Robert Dolibois

Bruce and Susie Usrey for Jack Brown, Ruby Brown, Maxfield Brown, Chase Usrey, and Colin Usrey

*As of January 2015