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AmericanHort: Doing it all, all for you — 365 days a year.

Experience the confidence of being an AmericanHort member and take care of your business in these ways:

Guarantee Your Future

Life doesn’t come with too many guarantees, but with AmericanHort in your corner, we work hard to make sure the infrastructure, industry, plants, and people are there for you to stay relevant and in business. We push the horizons of the industry through research, initiatives, and more. >>

Develop Your Staff

A company is only as strong as its people, but managing people can be the biggest challenge. AmericanHort has countless events, training, and knowledge resources to develop your staff so they can, in turn, develop your business. Grow your staff personally and professionally with us. >>

Protect Your Business

Laws are the framework within which we must all operate. But what if that framework doesn’t understand the daily logistics of a horticulture business? Our team of Washington, D.C. advocates works daily to make sure your voice is heard and that concerns are addressed. >>

Grow Your Connections

National networking is the hallmark of any professional organization. Through AmericanHort, you are connected to nearly 15,000 other industry businesses and professionals who can offer knowledge and insights that only come from experience. >>