Doing it all, all for you — 365 days a year:

Working 365 days a year for an industry we love means 365 days of benefits for every aspect of your business.

AmericanHort is on a mission to make sure that knowledge, information, and resources are secured today for opportunities tomorrow. This means committing time and resources to initiatives that don’t just support business, but plants and customers, too. It also includes growing a healthy and thriving base of young professionals who will carry the industry into the future.

  • The Horticultural Research Institute — The research affiliate of AmericanHort. HRI is committed to promoting horticultural research that benefits the industry and increases our understanding of the most critical issues facing it.

  • SHIFT: An AmericanHort Initiative — A research and education initiative undertaken to determine how customers interact with our businesses. SHIFT is focused on trends today and tomorrow in customer experiences and how businesses can shift paradigms for stronger strategies and better profits.

  • Grow Wise, Bee Smart — An important initiative to educate both industry and consumer on current challenges in pollinator health. Grow Wise, Bee Smart also serves as a rallying point for science-based information on how our industry impacts pollinator health and what businesses can do as an integral and positive player in ecosystems at large.

  • America in Bloom — A national outreach program to promote community beautification. America in Bloom is a growing and popular annual program that connects and engages communities across the country to use horticulture to beautify their town.

  • GenNext Community — The emerging professional community of AmericanHort members. GenNext is a group of talented and passionate young professionals who are eager to learn, advance, and help grow the industry.

  • HortScholars — An AmericanHort GenNext program. The HortScholars are six students selected every year for being notable in their studies and dedicated to achieving their potential in the horticulture industry.

Learning as an adult is just as vital as that of a child, but it brings with it complexities not experienced in an elementary classroom. Continuous advancement as a professional means advancements and improvements for both business and industry, too. AmericanHort provides countless learning and education opportunities tailored to different learning styles, needs, and time availability.

  • Knowledge Center — An online resource of articles, video, and additional media relating to all aspects and segments of the industry. The Knowledge Center offers members 24/7 access to industry-specific resources and information for learning and training.

  • Live Events — Cultivate, NextLevel, Field & Covered, Plug & Cutting, Interior Plantscape Symposium, and more. AmericanHort holds several events every year across the country with notable, relevant, and cutting edge education that keeps attendees sharp, focused, and on track for success.

  • Webinars — Online learning from the comfort of your office. Webinars are a great and accessible way to advance your knowledge without ever needing to hop a plane. Webinars focus on a variety of topics, and recordings are available to AmericanHort members.

  • Connect — A monthly publication with exclusive articles and information. Connect features some of the industry’s best and most knowledgeable experts who provide timely and critical information for horticulture businesses.

  • Connect Digital — A monthly e-newsletter. Connect Digital has everything you need to stay informed about AmericanHort resources, opportunities, events, and knowledge, and you can get it all in 3 minutes by skimming these timely emails.

Business today operates within a global network and in an economy impacted by both domestic and international affairs. Government is a critical factor in this, and decisions made at the top impact independent businesses in very real ways. AmericanHort is resolute in ensuring that the horticulture industry’s voice and value are heard loud and clear and has proudly advocated for and won support for the industry at large. We also offer complimentary legal consultations on key issues like labor, immigration, and human resources for Premium Members.

  • AmericanHort Advocacy Team — The Washington, D.C.-based team of AmericanHort. The Advocacy Team works daily to be experts in all legislation and governmental affairs that impact the industry. Not only that, they aren’t shy about collaborating with other organizations to make sure no legislation gets passed without the industry’s voice being heard.

  • Research Support — An AmericanHort commitment to advancing knowledge and being an industry leader. AmericanHort supports research efforts — both on its own and through the Horticultural Research Institute — to ensure that the industry is always operating on the cutting edge with the best information available.

  • Business Partnerships — Affinity programs to help your business grow. AmericanHort has partnered with key services and businesses to offer its members partnerships. From financial resources to discounts on things like travel and business books, get great discounts on these business services.

One longstanding AmericanHort member put it this way:

"Creative solutions come from a mind that has been cultivated with exposure to different things. What you don’t know, you don’t know, and you can learn a lot of things just by exposing yourself to others and networking. That’s the most value we find in AmericanHort." Jere Stauffer, Stauffers of Kissel Hill

With opportunities to connect with nearly 15,000 other professionals across industry segments, experiences, geographies, and business models, you just expanded your knowledge base by being a part of the coolest association around.