Ken Fisher

President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Vision, mission, strategy
  • Governance
  • Membership and industry relations
p 614 884 1150

Sherry L. Johnson, CEM, CMP

Vice President - Knowledge & Business Advancement
  • Association Governance
  • Trade Relations
  • Knowledge, event, and exhibit management
  • Strategic business partnerships
p 614 884 1144
f 614 884 1174

In her own words: I have the pleasure of working with an incredible team. I provide leadership and guidance through teamwork and accountability in all aspects of business engagement, knowledge and events for our members. We have an amazing staff, and I am so proud of everything we can accomplish as a team when serving our membership.

Her superpower: My superpower is that I always go above and beyond to ensure things are done correctly, not necessarily what’s easy. My mom taught me to be a dependable, hard-working individual and that your words and actions are what defines you, so choose them wisely. I lead by example as a team player with high expectations and never stop supporting those around me.

Where Sherry spends her happy hour: Commuting - it's generally a nice drive, and I try to unwind from a busy day.

Meagan Nace

Program Development Specialist
  • Develops Programs
  • Collaborate with members, academics and the industry 
p 614 884 1140
f 614 884 1140

Margaret McGuire-Schoeff, CMP

Business Engagement and Event Director
  • Event housing and registration management
  • Event and meeting planning
p 614 884 1143
f 614 884 1173

In her own words: Coordinating all of the teams at AmericanHort and helping everyone work together to produce awesome events that foster networking, professional development, and business development through in-person events.

On Margaret's bucket list: To see the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Her relationship with plants: It's give and take...Sometimes a bit one-sided. A mystery some days and joyous others — a roller coaster, if you will.

Tracy Phillips

Exhibit Sales Representative
  • Exhibit sales
  • New products and new varieties
p 614 884 1141
f 614 884 1171

In her own words: I'm a Customer Service Professional through & through. Oh, did I mention I'm also an Exhibit Sales Representative? I forget about the sales part because customer service comes naturally for me :)

Tracy's ideal day off: Jump in the car on a Saturday with the sun shining brightly, shades on, and the radio blasting some Hang on Sloopy. Head to Ann Arbor to watch the Buckeyes do what they do...stomp Michigan! GO BUCKS!

If she didn't love AmericanHort so much, she'd love to be...: A voice-over or a buyer for the Food Network.

Elizabeth Waldo

Event Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Booth Sales
  • Event Planning
p 614 884 1204

Gina Zirkle

Learning Resource Specialist
  • Academic activities
  • Knowledge programs for greenhouse and nursery production
p 614 884 1145
f 614 884 1165

In her own words: I work on the education team designing, facilitating content and program development, implementing, and evaluating educational programs and activities that meet the identified needs of members and Managed Partners.

Gina's relationship with plants: I have loved plants for as long as I can remember. From playing in the garden as a kid, to being involved in the FFA and working in horticulture as a teenager, to building my career in the industry.

Her hobbies: I like to try new things whether that means taking a trip somewhere I have never been, trying a new restaurant, or tackling a new craft project.

Craig Regelbrugge

Senior Vice President — Industry Advocacy & Research
  • Public policy and government relations
p 202 789 8111
f 202 789 8115

In his own words: I lead our highly talented team of four who are responsible for advocacy and research, as well as relationships with our many organization, coalition, and industry partners. The work is sometimes daunting and sometimes rewarding, always fast paced and interesting, and it's really satisfying to make a difference in the lives and businesses of our members.

Craig's hobbies: My veggie, berry, and pollinator garden has quadrupled in recent years. It's been an outlet as our nation's political discourse has grown more frustrating. Used to be a certified arborist. My certification has lapsed, but I love to climb and prune trees. I also raise oysters. 2000 a year, solely for personal consumption. Do the math; plenty to eat and share! Fresh oysters at hand make one a popular person. I also love to waterski, cut and split firewood, and travel.

His favorite office supply: A stamp. A US Postal Service first class stamp. Where are they when you need them?

Jill Calabro, PhD

Research & Science Programs Director
  • Research, technical, and plant health issues
p 202 789 0683
f 202 789 2687

In her own words: Handling all things science-y.

Jill's superpower: An uncanny ability to find and remember good food.

Her dream job (besides working for AmericanHort): Pouring wine in a tasting room. People who go wine tasting are (almost always) happy and excited to share other great wines.

Tal Coley

Director of Government Affairs

  • Government relations
  • Membership an industry relations
p 202 789 8112

Jennifer Gray

Research Programs Administrator
  • Governance, marketing, and development for the Horticultural Research Institute
p 614 884 1155
f 614 884 1195

In her own words: I work with incredible businesses, philanthropists, and researchers that are doing innovative things for horticultural businesses. I get to strategize, write, encourage, and create. Sharing these meaningful stories, making change, and making connections are major parts of my day-to-day work.

Jen's relationship with plants: When I think of plants, my reaction is two-fold--but both engender a singular emotion: gratefulness. First, as a member of the "latchkey generation," much of my childhood was spent on my bike riding around, finding parks, hiking in the woods with my brother, wading in the Allegheny River collecting crawdads all set to the beautiful backdrop of the Allegheny forest. Second, as a fresh-out-of-college young professional, I landed what I thought of then as my "first" communications job. Little did I know that job would quickly become a much-loved career in horticulture.

Her dream job? Dream jobs include: sea glass collector, filler of half-full glasses, and artist.

Lauren Snyder

Marketing Manager
  • Leads organizational communications and marketing efforts
  • Print and e-marketing
  • Social media
  • Copy writing
p 614 884 1154
f 614 884 1164

In her own words: I take whatever AmericanHort is doing, match it with the right audience, and then craft the best way to tell that story.

Lauren's superpower: Getting things done. I’m addicted to checklists and love the rush of completing something. But my weakness is impatience, so it’s a constant battle between higher and lower self.

Where she spends her happy hour: Outside looking at plants and how they’ve grown since the day or week before. Weeding and working in the garden are also some of my favorite ways to unwind.

Jeremiah Werstein

Digital Engagement Specialist
  • Online engagement
  • Website management and development
  • Marketing and communications support
p 614 884 1139
f 614 884 1169

In his own words: I work on AmericanHort websites, online communities, and general marketing. This mostly involves me updating or upgrading something, breaking it, and then fixing it, then realizing it could be added to or upgraded and then starting the cycle over but with a better starting point.

His relationship with plants: It's complicated. I really like plants. I really like looking at them. I love watching them bloom (if applicable). I'm just really bad at keeping them alive.

His superpower? I can easily come up with the most useless sounding or over-the-top solution to anything, regardless of the seriousness or severity of the situation or project. Example: How can we promote the horticulture industry in a new way? "Oh! I know! We could put together a high-powered laser with off the shelf parts and beam something like 'GROW MORE PLANTS' onto the moon for people to read!" OR We need to cook a large quantity of hamburgers for this social gathering! "No problem, we'll just put together a conveyor belt and some butane gas torches and line them all up and run the food down the line. Done." Equally useless. Theoretically doable. Hopefully leads to a legitimate idea.

Jordann Dillard

Marketing & Communications Specialist                          
  • Print and e-marketing
  • Social media
  • Copy writing
p 614 884 1205
f 614 884 1205

Operational Support Team

Karen Limbert, CPA

Vice President & Controller
  • Accounts payable & receivable
p 614 884 1151
f  614 884 1161

Carol Baker, CTA

Office Administrator & Executive Assistant
  • Office administration
p 614 884 1203
f 614 884 0529

In her own words: My role is the grease that keeps all the other parts of the AmericanHort wheel running. As the Office Administrator & Executive Assistant, i.e. jack of all trades, I do whatever is necessary to help the staff and company meet the goals set before them.

Carol's ideal afternoon off: Having a friend and/or companion with a motorcycle and taking off to nowhere in particular.

Some of her hobbies: I love meeting people and spending time with friends. Dancing, travelling, and trying fettuccine alfredo in every Italian restaurant I go to find my favorite.