Research Means Solutions

Situation: Research isn’t an end unto itself, but a means. Because research is often key to resolving challenges that have regulatory or other implications, research funding is an integral component of our advocacy efforts. Beyond the Horticultural Research Institute’s own direct research funding, most activity centers on the Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative, and Farm Bill-funded research programs.  

With traditional horticultural research programs and funding sources under severe stress, “nimbleness” and “leveraging” are watchwords for AmericanHort and our research affiliate, the Horticultural Research Institute.


What We’re Doing Right Now: Every year, millions of federal dollars are allocated toward research in the ag sector. USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) will allocate over $48 million to support critical needs of the specialty crop industry in 2017. Another example is Farm Bill funding to support the prevention and spread of plant pests. The advocacy team at AmericanHort works with Congress to support programs that invest in horticultural research. And, our staff and key leaders serve on review committees to help ensure that these dollars go to good science that is relevant and important to our members and our industry.