Critical Tools and Inputs

Situation: Plant production and successful landscapes require key inputs like water, nutrients, and pest management tools. Federal laws govern pesticide registration and use, and set the basic framework for water quality and nutrient management. While states and sometimes even localities are also on the playing field, AmericanHort is actively involved in federal policy debates so our members have the tools needed to produce and manage plants and landscapes.


What We’re Doing Right Now: Concern over pollinator health has contributed to the scrutiny of many crop protection tools used in horticulture. Neonicotinoids have been the primary focus so far; however, the EPA has plans to conduct environmental risk assessments of 76 different pesticides, including herbicides and fungicides in addition to insecticides. Synthetic pyrethroids are a good example. In response, we are developing answers and best practices by directly funding and influencing critical research.  We are engaging EPA and other influencers to keep science at the center of these evaluations so that our industry has tools to manage invasive pests, and grow, ship, sell, install, and maintain healthy plants and landscapes.